Categorizing Skin Care and Beauty Products

We all have our own list of skin care and beauty finds that we simply can’t live without.  I’m sure you painstakingly built your skin care and make-up collection and have updated your stash by carefully weeding out items that did not deliver.

My skin care and beauty items are divided into 5 categories:  the regulars, the occasionals, the  forgettables, the regrettables, and the totally indispensables. I just came up with the categories  and here’s my definition:

  • Regulars–  Products that I like and  use almost everyday but may be substituted by  better products in the future.   My Tony Moly and Maybelline lipglosses, an inexpensive Korean cheek color, Maybelline unstoppable eyeliner, Loreal UV Perfect sunblock, and MAC Powder plus Foundation fall under this category. Some other skin care products and most of my toiletries belong to this group.

One of the Regulars

  • Occasionals–  Products that I like to use once or twice a week, not because the package directions say so but because I  don’t think I’d lose an arm and a leg if I don’t use these products regularly.  My Nars Bush/Brozer Duo (Orgasm and Laguna), Maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner, and Tony Moly make-up base and other make-up items fall under this category.

Orgasm/Laguna Blush-Bronzer Duo

  • Forgettables–  These are the products that I  liked and used regularly but for one or two reasons, I decided to just use them once or twice a month.  For example, I loved my got2b hairstyling products before but then I decided to use hairstyling products sparingly because I need to rest my scalp due to irritations so now it is part of this category.  Same with two large bottles of Alberto V05 Moisture Milks shampoo.  The products that fall under this category may be discarded or given away.

  • Regrettables– Products are labeled as regrettables due to  one or two of the following reasons: they irritate my very oily and sensitive skin, they smell bad, they are all hype as far as I’m concerned, or they do not match my skin tone (as in wrong shade of powder or foundation).  The products under this category are definitely discarded or given away regardless of how expensive they are. Pond’s Overnight Repair Cream is definitely one of the regrettables for me.  I can’t stand the smell and it gives me zits each time I use it. The Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Shine Free Powder Foundation in nude beige which I purchased on impulse  falls under this category because it is too dark for me.

  • Totally Indispensables– Products that I consider must-haves belong to this category.  This bunch some iWhite products like the iWhite Pore Refining Coffee Sugar Polish, the ever reliable Head & Shoulders shampoo, Biolink VCO Hot Oil Treatment,  St Ives Apricot Scrub, Facial Essence Masks, and Tony Moly Olive & Vinegar Hair Mist, Silka papaya soap, and a brandless kojic soap  are also shoo-ins  in this bunch.  Another item I consider as totally indispensable is the Korean exfoliating mitt or viscose bath glove.  I will definitely blog about the viscose exfoliating bath mitt soon, promise.

Korean scrubbing mitts

My goal starting this year is to be organized so I will keep categorizing each skin care and beauty item that I purchase.  In this manner, it’ll be easier for me to replenish my stock of must-haves and stop buying items I can definitely do without.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to find some of those viscose gloves for ages – I had a pair that I got from Sydney’s only Korean bath house, which is now shut. They wore out after about 4 years (eek!) and I’d love another pair – I’ve never seen them anywhere. Any ideas where to source in Australia? Or maybe I could fix you up for a few pairs??? 😉 🙂

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