Organizing My Make-up Stash

Since it is the first week of the year, I decided to organize my makeup stash.  I don’t have a lot so streamlining my meager collection didn’t take a lot of time.

The only thing which needed decision-making on my part was determining which products to keep, discard, or give away. After a few minutes of sorting of my stuff, I have decided that the following items must go:

  • a tub of Color World loose powder
  • a tube of Color World makeup base
  • a tube of Covergirl concealer
  • a Tony Moly liplining pencil
  • a tube of Tony Moly lipstick
  • a Tony Moly singles eyeshadow in orange
  • a tube of BB cream
  • a tube of liquid eyeliner
  • a compact powder
  • two tubes of lipgloss

Some of the items listed above were purchased on impulse and once I got home,  I realized that I don’t really need them at all.  I’m not usually so thoughtless when it comes to skincare-related purchases but I do have slip-ups from time to time.

Throwing away these products away is really hard to do because cash is definitely hard to come by these days.    I barely used these items and nothing smells bad or rancid  so I’ll just offer them to the girls here at home.  I hope there’ll be takers.

6 thoughts on “Organizing My Make-up Stash”

  1. Hey, Aicha! I hope you can join the Davao Bloggers’ future events.

    By the way, I sometimes buy Korean cosmetics and skin care products from La Core in Gmall. Where do you get your stuff?

  2. sa akin mo ibigay!!! i’ll give FREE tutor sa make-up!!!! ge na ge na ge na!!! sa akin na GIVE!!!! hihihihihi eyeshadow ORANGE!!!!! wahahahahahahaha i need!!!!! 🙂

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