Professional Make-up Brush Set

September of last year, I bought an 18-pc Professional Make-up Brush Set. I’m not  a budding make-up artist nor do I have plans to become one but I thought I could definitely use a set of good quality make-up brushes so I went ahead and bought a set of  professional make-up brushes online.

I got the whole set of 18-pc brush set for only $23.51, shipping included.  With the amount I paid, I was expecting make-up brushes with synthetic bristles so I was very surprised when  the brushes arrived.  Good lordy, all 18 pieces are  natural-haired brushes!

I don’t know if the make-up brushes are made of squirrel, badger, or sable hair but they are definitely very soft and non-irritating.  The make-up brush set also came with a black roll-up leatherette case which I find very durable.

Considering that professional make-up brushes are really pricey, I believe this 18-piece professional make-up brush set is definitely a good buy.

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  1. May I know which online website u bought from..? Now I looking for the professional make-up brush set…!!

    Thank you.

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