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It has been almost two months since my last facial treatment so when I felt the sides of my nose yesterday, I came close to screaming.  It was lined with coarse little bumps that could only mean one thing– blackheads!

So I immediately picked up the phone and called Bioessence Davao to schedule an appointment for a basic facial treatment for me and my friend, Dulce.  We both have Bioessence gift certificates courtesy of Andrew and Ria who got them from a press event they attended last year.

When Dulce and I arrived at the spa, we were immediately received by the cordial staff  at the reception area.  We were offered seats and refreshments while our therapists prepared for the procedure.

After a very short wait, we were ushered through a blue-lit corridor, giving me a glimpse of the spa’s many facial treatment and massage rooms.  Very nicely done, I must say.

Upon reaching the facial treatment rooms,   Eva – my therapist-  handed me a large white towel and politely asked me to remove my blouse. Oh no, I thought, she thinks I’m getting a massage.

But when I looked at her, she seemed sure of what she’s doing so I removed my top and handed it to her.  I then wrapped myself with the towel and promptly laid myself on the treatment bed.  I didn’t even complain when she gingerly slid the bra straps off my shoulders and draped me with blankets.

And then came the most relaxing head, chest,  and shoulder massage.  I closed my eyes and forgot all about insisting on the basic facial treatment. I directed my attention to how her hands kneaded my tired muscles,  how the room smelled of peppermint, and how relaxing the spa’s ambient music is.

After the wonderful preliminary massage, Eva’s wonderful hands focused on my face, using a combination of creams, scrubs, gels, pads, and sponges to thoroughly cleanse it.  She also used circular strokes to  stimulate my skin and relax my facial muscles. This part of the treatment lasted 10 minutes and I guess I was smiling the whole time.  I also wondered if Dulce enjoyed the treatment as much as I did.

Next, Eva lightly applied moisturizer all over my face and placed me under a facial steamer for a few minutes.  This is necessary to open up my pores in preparation for the extraction part of the treatment.

When I felt her work the blackhead removal vacuum all over my face, I tensed a bit as this usually signals the most painful aspect of the procedure. This is the part where the therapist  uses an instrument called blackhead extractor to pop  deep-seated comedones out of the pores.  This is usually painful and I cry buckets during facial treatments because of this.

Thankfully, Eva– who’s been with Bioessence Davao for 7 years– is so good at what she does that she’s able to give particular attention to my problem areas with a very light hand.  There was no pain.   No tears and definitely no unsightly red blotches either.

After the extraction of blackheads, Eva applied toner and then blue mask on my face.  She also asked me if I wanted cucumber slices with the mask.  Of course, I said yes (I love cucumbers– on my plate or on top of my lids).

Soon, it was time to close the pores using a laser wand.  I was expecting this because it’s common in cleansing facials but the major difference is that Bioessence applies moisturizer beforehand.

As a final touch, Eva applied Vitamin C serum on my face, gave me a backrub, and instructed me to refrain from washing my face in the next 6 hours.  She also asked me if I wanted tea.  This time, I declined.

While waiting for Dulce at the spa’s lobby, I thought of how wonderful Bioessence Basic Facial Treatment is and was very eager to find out how it was for her.  When she got out of the treatment area,  Dulce was all smiles– looking relaxed and refreshed.  The girl even drifted off to sleep during the hour-long facial treatment. :p

We were in no hurry to leave the spa yet so we just sat there, observed the clients and the staff,  and compared notes on the best facial treatment ever. 🙂

Bioessence has an ongoing promo on their Xena facial and body scrub treatments.  For inquiries and reservations, visit Bioessence Davao at Circumferential Road, Marfori Height, Davao City.  You may also call them at (082) 226-0360.

34 thoughts on “Bioessence Facial Treatment”

  1. I really agree with your blog. Eva, Lisa, and Lani were my therapists since year 2000. I always request these three whoever is available. I am a client since i moved back to davao from quezon city. And since then i never go to another spa to handle my facial treatments and body treatments. Now that im in riyadh with my family i never miss to visit Bio essence everytime i go home.

  2. Hi I just want to ask if you guys have facial laser for pimple scars like having a deep holes on the face how much it cost with the whole face?

  3. kagagaling ko lang bioessence abreeza davao nagpa basic facial.sulit ang binayad ko ganda ng ambiance the facility parang nasa heaven ang dating haha!..yung thearapist ko grabe ang lambot ng kamay nya parang cotton very light hand talaga hindi man lang ako nasaktan sa blackhead extractor ng tinira na nya face ko masahiin kapa before and after..pagkatapos ng session alokin kapa ng merienda ayos talaga!thanx bioessence ibang iba kayo sa lahat your the best!!

      1. yup its 600 pesos basic facial tumawag ako kanina sa bioessence mall of asia nagpa book ako this coming saturday april 14 3pm its been a month na kasi since nagpa facial ako sa bioessence abreeza davao..

  4. Hello Dear… i was planning to go on a facial spa and a friend of mine suggesting bioessence too… is it good to go in the same branch you had yours? Or any idea in going to thier branch in Abreeza? Have you tried too?

  5. Hi Maam. nag pa facial po ako this days in Bio essence megamall. and ang pricelist ko para sakin daw is P1200 basic facial po. ang sabi ni maam mas maganda daw po yung P2000 for white heads/blackheads and acne and all. set nadaw po yun and yung KIT po na pinapabili para malinis ko daw yung face ko maam is P1670 po? ano ano po yun at gusto ko pong malaman yung purpose. pls answer the question pls Thanks godbless us maam 🙂

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