Basic Make-up Workshop at FiDA

I have always wanted to learn the basics of make-up application. I read beauty blogs and watch video tutorials on how to apply make-up and, more often than not, I sigh in frustration.  Because although the girls on YouTube make everything seem effortless, I can’t seem to do things right on my own.

I then decided that the most logical thing to do is sign up for a basic make-up workshop.

So when Davao’s Fashion Institute of Design & Arts (FiDA) – through my friend Ria Jose – invited female bloggers to participate in the 5th run of their Basic Make-up Workshop, I immediately said yes.  To say I welcomed the good news is an understatement. To quote Ria, “Sobrang na-excite si Brendel!”

Who wouldn’t be excited?  I get to learn the basics of make-up application from Archie Tolentino, Maybelline’s Chief Color Artist.  And it’s not for a couple of hours.  It’s for 3 whole days!

So last May 6, I showed up for the first day of the  basic make-up workshop.  Before the start of the workshop proper, we were asked to introduce ourselves and share our expectations to the group.  The instructor, Archie Tolentino,  then gave us a brief backgrounder on his career as a make-up artist.  Very impressive, really.

This blogger with Maybelline's Archie Tolentino

During the 1st day of the workshop, we lightly touched on the history of make-up.  This may sound boring to you but the participants thoroughly enjoyed the lecture part of the workshop.  We also discussed the importance of skin preparation and analysis, analysis of facial features, the color theory, and the tools and materials needed for basic make-up application.

In the succeeding days, we were taught the techniques in applying make-up so that we can enhance facial features, correct imperfections, and even camouflage flaws using the make-up items and tools that we already have.

Also, before we were taught the proper techniques in applying make-up, Archie would thoroughly discuss the different types of  products to be used according to purpose, finish, and formulation in relation to the subject’s skin type. This part, I found very useful since it taught me what products and preparations are suitable for my oily, blemish-prone skin.

FIDA’s basic make-up classes are structured and flexible at the same time.  Structured in the sense that you really go over the topics included in the workshop outline but still flexible such that it allows interaction between the participants and the instructor.  We even had time  for a trip to the mall so that Archie himself can assist us in choosing the right tools and cosmetic items for our personal make-up kits.

What I liked best about FiDa’s basic make-up workshop is that  we were given ample time to practice the different techniques in make-up application after a thorough demonstration by the instructor.  Think skills lab after a very informative and lively lecture!

Residents of Davao and nearby cities  are indeed very lucky that  we have schools such as FiDA with a vision to help us learn new skills in fashion and the arts.  For inquiries and reservations on the Fashion Institute of Design & Arts’ courses and workshops, please refer to the contact details below.

Fashion Institute of Design & Arts

Address: Ricardo Cor. Manga Streets, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City

Contact Nos.: (082)304-3007, 0923-7039696


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