The Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up Makeover

Jane Iredale Miner Make-up Workshop
Davao Female Bloggers with Ms. Chiqui Aportadera

I and some of my female blogger friends joined  the FACES Basic Make-up Workshop at  True Scents & Minerals two weeks ago.

I didn’t have a lot of expectations because I don’t have much experience with mineral make-up, except the very few times I tried my friends’  mineral powder and blush.  But I have heard of a couple of good reviews about Jane Iredale so I was curious.

So how was our Jane Iredale mineral make-up makeover? It was a blast!  And aside from myself, Chattee, Ria, Miah, and five other workshop participants can attest to that.  We were all eyes and ears when Ms. Chiqui Aportadera, True Scents & Minerals’ in-house make-up artist, demonstrated the how-tos of the 5-minute  make-up application.

Ms. Chiqui Aportadera demonstrates the techniques in mineral make-up application...

During the 3-hour workshop, all of the participants learned the basic techniques in make-up application.  We used Jane Iredale products and  had fun trying out different  mineral make-up items.  Ms. Bunny Sy and her staff were also around to guide us the whole time.

FACES Basic Make-up Workshop
This blogger concentrating on concealing her dark circles...Lolsss...

We clearly loved  Jane Iredale’s organic and paraben-free mineral make-up line and worth the special mention are the following stand-out items.

  • Liquid Minerals in Amber– this mineral foundation is so lightweight that the whole time I had it on, it felt like I wasn’t wearing any.  Chattee and Ria looked flawless in Golden Glow while Miah found her true match in Latte.
Liquid Minerals
  • Disappear– this product acts as a very pigmented concealer and is ideal for uneven skintones and blemish-prone skin. It is also formulated to aid in drying up pimples. Miah and I were drooling over this one.
Disappear with Green Tea Extract (photo from Jane Iredale website)
  • Blusher/Bronzer in Sunbeam–  This is a must-have items for the MMU fanatic.  It can be used on the eyes, on cheeks as blush or bronzer, and since it’s food-grade, you can even use this on the lips for a subtle hint of color!  Ria, on the other hand, is all praises about Moonglow.
Jane Iredale Mineral Blusher/Bronzer
Sunbeam Blusher/Bronzer (photo from Jane Iredale website)
  • Cream to Powder Eyeliner –  Okay, this has got to be my biggest favorite  as it is a very compact eye and brow kit. I tried the  Black/Brown Plus and used darkest shade to fill my brows.   It gave me a softer overall look.  As an eyeliner, it glides on smoothly and gave me the definition I have always wanted.
Cream to Powder Eyeliner (photo fromTrue Scents & Minerals FB page)

We were so happy with our Jane Iredale mineral make-up makeover because we really achieved that much sought-after fresh and glowing summer look. Hence, the oozing confidence during the photo op after the workshop and the new Facebook profile pics.  And I guess the difference was pretty much remarkable because we received compliments on our looks that day.

Our new make-up buddies at the FACES Basic Make-up Workshop...

I have since encouraged my friends to sign up for the FACES Basic Make-up Workshop and last Saturday, May 22, True Scents & Minerals sent home another happy bunch of workshop participants.

My friends Anna and Xangie during the May 22 session of the FACES Basic Make-up Workshop...
Happy participants of the May 22 FACES Basic Make-up Workshop

True Scents & Minerals hold the FACES Basic Make-up Worskhop every Saturday from 2pm to 5pm.  They are also the exclusive distributor of Jane Iredale products here in Davao City.  For inquires on the make-up workshop and Jane Iredale products, please refer to the contact details below.

True Scents & Minerals

Address:  Unit 17, Paseo de Legaspi, J.P. Rizal St, Davao City.

Contact No.: 282-1751

Thanks to Ms. Bunny Sy and the staff of True Scents & Minerals.  And to Chattee Lara for the awesome Kikay Saturday pics I used in this post.

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