Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

Thanks to Joeanne and Brad of Davao TLCshop Fab Finds, my favorite one-stop shop for Korean skin care and makeup items, I now have a tube of Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream. ūüôā

I got the ¬†smaller (20g) tube of M Perfect Cover BB Cream because the size is just perfect for travel and I know that even with its size, the tube is good for a couple of months. ¬†Also, I chose No. 21 (lightest shade) even if I’m not fair-skinned. ¬†I have oily skin that’s very acidic so I had to choose a lighter shade because most powders and bases leave a dark cast on my face a few minutes after application. The bright beige shade is a good match for my skin tone (update: ¬†turns ashy in an hour or two, especially when the weather’s humid)

The texture of Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream is ¬†smooth and creamy and I find it very easy to blend. ¬†It provides medium coverage and works well with my pressed powders (I’m currently using MAC Studio Finish in NC30 or Maybelline AngelFit Flawless Affinity Foundation in Light Beige Ochre).

As far as oil control is concerned, I don’t think this BB Cream is specially ¬†formulated for oily skin. ¬†Although it is not mattifying, I’m not complaining because it gives my skin a somewhat dewy look upon application. ¬†Nothing greasy and gross, really. ¬†Any oiliness throughout the day can easily be fixed with a couple of oil control sheets and pressed powder. ¬†Furthermore, it doesn’t cause my acne-prone skin to break out.

What I like best about the Missha M Perfect BB Cream is the built-in SPF 42 PA +++ sunscreen.  The SPF value  means more or less 630 minutes (10.5 hours)  protection from UVB rays.  The PA+++ is used to block UVA rays and other sources say it is also used to indicate protection strength in sunscreens.  Anyhoo, the general rule is the higher the SPF and the  more plus signs you see in product labels, the better.

Overall, I like¬†Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream. ¬†It’s not a true match for my skin tone esp. when it oxidizes but considering its high SPF, this BB cream is worth every penny of the PhP510 I shelled out for the 20 g tube. ¬†It may not be the best BB cream for me but it’s still a good product and will be great for ¬†have non-acidic, dry to normal skin types.

The Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream product label claims that it has whitening and anti-wrinkle properties. I think it is too early to say anything on this as I’m still on my first month of using this BB Cream.

On a side note, Missha is making its presence felt in the global scene by opening stores in more than 15 countries including USA, New Zealand, Mexico, and Australia.

11 thoughts on “Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream”

    1. Brad also gave me a sample of Nature Republic BB Cream. The texture is smoother than Missha but it’s just SPF 35 PA+++.

      Hingi tayo ng maraming BB cream samples next time, yes?

  1. I haven’t tried any Korean beauty product….Brendel, what you should do to minimize oiliness in your face, try using a primer first before putting foundation…or if you want an oil mattifier. There are also oil-control make-up foundations available like L’Oreal and Cover Girl.

  2. Oh is that a tinted moisturizer? There are lightweight foundatons such as CoverGirl TruBlend that is really lightweight in coverage. There are also other lightweight foundations such as NARS and also the REvlon Colorstay. They all have SPF. But tinted moisturizers are great too. Those are only suggestions.
    Experts say you don’t need a higher SPF than 15 if you’re not in the sun all day or if you are not as light-skinned like the pale Caucasians. SPF 15 is enough good protection.
    I used to dab on Lancome Oil Control Toner but I no longer use toner anymore, because it’s not really necessary for my complexion. It isn’t that oily besides, dagdag gastos. Some options are Neutrogena Triple action oil free toner, and Ahava, Estee Lauder Mattifying Oil Control Lotion, and L’oreal Hydrafresh toner.

    1. Hi, Bingkee. It’s very hot here in Davao City lately so even I don’t stay out in the sun a lot, my skin has noticeably darkened.

      BB Creams are specially formulated bases infused with moisturizing ingredients. It’s a cross between tinted moisturizers and foundation.

      Medyo mahal rin talaga ang oil-control products. Lalo na dito. Even those considered as drugstore brands in the US are very costly here. ūüôĀ

  3. Where can I buy tubes of Missha M23 Perfect Cover BB Creme? What is the price per tube? Is the shipping cost included? Please respond. Thanks!

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