Last Skin Care and Hair Care Purchases for 2010

The year’s almost over and  I already made my last batch of skin care and hair care purchases for 2010.  I had the items custom purchased from Seoul through  Davao TLC Shop.

Included in this batch are the following:

Somang Keratin SilkProtein Hair Pack (PhP900) and Somang Keratin SilkProtein Hair Aqua Essence (PhP265)–   I just love Somang products! And I’m so happy Somang has the hair pack and hair aqua essence in big bottles because both products are excellent for my frizzy hair.  I apply the hair pack after every shampoo, leave it on for 5 minutes, and then rinse it off.  It leaves my hair soft and manageable sans the greasy feel.

As for the Somang Keratin SilkProtein Hair Aqua Essence, I use it as a regular hair mist to seal in the moisture.  Adds shine to my hair without making it oily. Smells wonderful, too.

TonyMoly Berry Berry Wrinkle Sleeping Pack (PhP750)- I used the last of my nighttime moisturizer –  Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream –  so I purchased the TonyMoly Berry Berry Wrinkle Sleeping Pack.  The sleeping pack comes in a milky gel formula.  I’ve been using it for a couple of days and so far, I have loved it since day 1 as it’s non-irritating and hydrates the skin well.  And oh, did I mention that it smells good enough to eat?

The TonyMoly Berry Berry Wrinkle Sleeping Pack contains blueberry and green tea extracts and I hope I’ll have healthier and younger looking skin by the time I finish this 80ml tub.

Face Sheets from Nature Republic and Lioele- I also got one each of the Lioele Perfect Brightening Essence Mask and Nature Republic Omega Wrinkle Filler Mask Sheet. I have tried a couple of face sheets from Nature Republic before and I always find them satisfactory.  I’m betting that Lioele face masks are just as good.  The thing with Korean face sheets/sheet masks is that they don’t scrimp on essence so at Php30-Php50 per piece, you get more than what you paid for.

One of the best things about purchasing Korean hair care and skin care products at Davao TlC Shop is that they give you a lot of freebies.  This time, I got product samples from TonyMoly, Red Flo, Hera and Danahan, and 3 boxes of high quality cotton pads.

8 thoughts on “Last Skin Care and Hair Care Purchases for 2010”

    1. The beer hop shampoo is a clarifying shampoo, hindi siya treatment. I don’t think it will help with the frizz.

      Try mo ang Somang Keratin SilkProtein Hair Aqua Essence,maganda.

  1. I want to try Korean products this time because purchasing U.S. ones which I’m so used to is rare to find here in Davao. Or if I find them here, the prices are higher than I pay for them in dollars. However, my concern for Korean products is that it might me get whiter. I don’t want to be white or fair—I want to remain “dark” yet even toned and silky, young face, so my question is; are Korean products making you look whiter? Coz if they do, I won’t try it.

    1. Not all Korean products are for whitening. They try to come up with different lines and what I like best about them is that they have lightweight moisturizers.

      I only started using Korean skin care products one or two years ago so hits and misses stage pa rin ako. I have ventured into Skin Food, TonyMoly, Missha, and Nature Republic. A little pricey because everything has to be shipped from Seoul.

      But I also miss using Olay Regenerist but sobrang mahal dito. The micro-sculpting cream costs Php1299 here. So I’m looking for a cheaper alternative.

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