Brazilian Blowout Now in Davao

Brazilian Blowout is the latest trend in professional hair care that has created so much buzz in the United States.  Infused with amino acids, the hair smoothing treatment  promises to give you smooth, frizz-free, healthier and shinier hair in 90 minutes with results lasting up to 12 weeks with no downtime.

(image by Brazilian Blowout website)


This revolutionary approach to hair treatment is used by stars like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, and Reese Witherspoon and has been featured in mainstream beauty and fashion magazines in the US.

Very recently, Brazilian Blowout was launched at Envy Me Salon and Hairs and Nails Salon (the first salons in the Philippines to offer the service) and I was invited to be among the first few to try out the hair treatment.

My friends tried the Brazilian Blowout hair smoothing treatment ahead of me and they were all raves about it.  Amazing, awesome, wonderful were just some of the words they used to describe Brazilian Blowout.

Honestly, when it comes to hair treatments, I’m a little skeptical and not the type to take the plunge and believe the latest hype.  It’s not that I believe that every product touted as the “next big thing” in the beauty industry is nothing but hype because I do have a short list of skin care and hair care products that I swear by.  It’s just that my hair’s current condition necessitates that I must be a little cautious about hair treatments.

(Warning: State of the Hair address coming up)

My hair’s current condition is —  to describe it on one word — FRIED.  The mindless blow-drying  ironing, and one too many hair straightening treatments has caused my hair to be dehydrated with parts that are porous and badly damaged.  It’s impossible to comb my hair upon waking up in the morning without breaking a handful of strands. I can’t leave the house without intensive conditioning  nor can I run my fingers through the lower 1/3 section of my hair once its all dried up from the shower.

All that despite the regular do-it-yourself hair treatments I do at home.

Still, I showed up for my Brazilian Blowout appointment at the Hairs and Nails Salon and promised myself that I will only go for it if I’m a good candidate for the hair treatment.

I talked to Marcel Jon Mendoza, product training director, and upon hearing my concerns, he asked me when I had my last rebond. I said I had mine in February.  He took a close look at my hair and said that I’m the best candidate for a Brazilian Blowout.  Well, actually, he said that even if I had a hair rebonding treatment and hair coloring the day before, I’m still one of the best candidates for a Brazilian Blowout treatment.

So I had my Brazilian Blowout  courtesy of Ms. Gilda and Ms. Neng of Envy Me Salon – Robinson’s GenSan.  The whole procedure lasted 70 minutes and included the following steps:

  • consultation/analyzation – the stylists closely examined my dreadful locks and agreed that I have dry, sensitized hair; this  also the part where I told them that I want smoother hair with some volume.
  • hair prep – my hair was shampooed with Acai Professional Anti-residue Shampoo
  • application of Acai Professional Smoothing Solution – infused with super-nutrient complex that coats, reconstruct, and strengthens hair
  • heat-activation of the solution –  this is the part where they use a blow-dryer and straightening iron to activate the solution and smoothen out the cuticles.
  • rinsing and application of Acai Deep Conditioning Masque
  • application of Acai Daily Smoothing Serum to lock in moisture and lock out humidity
  • hair is blow-dried with low to medium heat settings


So what can I say about Brazilian Blowout?  The smoothing hair treatment did give me shinier, smoother, and more manageable hair.  I can now run my fingers though it even when I just got out of bed.  After 2 washes, the overall effect of the Brazilian Blowout treatment is still there. My hair also appeared straighter and longer without compromising volume. I also loved the fact that unlike a rebond, there is  no downtime and I can wash my hair and pin it up whenever I want to.

Below are before and after pics of my Brazilian Blowout hair smoothing treatment.

(photo by Brian Congson)

A closer look at my hair after the treatment

The split ends are still there but it’s not a limitation of the product because no hair treatment on earth can mend or glue back split hair. This is a hair problem best addressed by your favorite hairstylist’s shears. 🙂

For those who are contemplating on getting a Brazilian Blowout, it is important to remember that it’s not a hair straightening treatment and won’t give you pin-straight locks.  What the product does is give you naturally straighter hair after all the frizz is smoothened out.

When getting a Brazilian Blowout, don’t forget to talk to your stylist about your expectations and other concerns regarding results and how long it lasts, after care and recommended hair styling and hair care products.

For more information, here’s a video of Brazilian Blowout and a link to the FAQ on this latest trend in hair care.

Brazilian Blowout is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Beauty Lane Philippines, Inc. In Davao, Brazilian Blowout is offered at Envy Me Salon and Hairs and Nails Salon.

To find out if Brazilian Blowout is the right hair treatment for you, visit:

Hairs and Nails Salon

Tiongko Building, Governor Duterte Street, Davao City

(082) 3053401

Envy Me Salon

Mc Arthur Highway, Matina, Davao City (front of NCCC Mall)

Credit:  Donna Mae Congson of Envy Me and Hairs and Nails Salon, Marcel Jon Mendoza and Mark Quebral of Beauty Lane Philippines, and Ria Jose  of Shoppingera.

10 thoughts on “Brazilian Blowout Now in Davao”

  1. thank you del 🙂 i describe it as “life changing” washed my hair today and just aired dried it OMG! it looks awesome 🙂 and my natural curls are still here but my hair very smooth and shiny…. keep spreading the good news about BB this is the treatment we’ve been waiting for

  2. very well said. 🙂 good thing you were able to catch up with the treatment blowout! 🙂

    it has a very nice result on me too. my hair was very frizzy before it got treated, and now, it’s soft and smooth. frizz-less. so happy about the result. so thankful for it 🙂

    1. Hey Tess,

      I’m glad you also had favorable results. Brazilian Blowout really works well especially for chemically treated hair.

      We’re very lucky that Envy Me and Hairs and Nails invited us for a Brazilian Blowout trial.

    1. Thanks, sis.

      It’s a short-term remedy for damaged hair. With the right after-treatment hair care products, the results can last up to 12 weeks.

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