One of my favorite accessories is a pair of dreamcatcher feather earrings I got during a trip to Sagada in 2006. It’s very light and has a very nice bohemian feel to it. I love the combination of colors and the soft feathers makes it an eye-catching piece.

I’ve had the dreamcatcher feather earrings for five years and I’m glad that I didn’t give them away.  Feather accessories are making a comeback now and are really very popular with celebrities.  Even Steven Tyler is wearing featherlocks (feather hair extensions). :-)

Well, I can’t imagine myself wearing feather extensions but I wouldn’t mind having these quirky feather accessories below.

feather quill earrings

beaded feather hoop earrings

feather dangling earrings

long feather pendant necklace

feather fringe necklace

chiffon feather clip

horsehair and feather headband

Not to be outdone, our furry friends have started wearing feather accessories, too.  Here’s a pic of a cute puppy wearing  feather fur extensions from

Don’t die of cuteness overload!




3 Responses to Dreamcatcher Feather Earrings

  1. gingerSnap says:

    Sissy nice one! type ko basta pink. Yong hoop earrings cute din.
    Bat ang tagal mong nawala? Yay, nahulaan mo nalate ka lang. I have something for you wait when I get back ;)Soon na.

    • Brendel says:

      Alam kong di na ako makakahabol, sis. Pero I was so happy since I learned a few online tricks because of your guessing game. Ok na sa akin ang nahulaan ko. Hehe.

      Medyo na-busy ako sa ibang online projects ko. Haay. But I guess na organize ko na sked ko kahit papaano.

      Be well always. Mwah!

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