Makeup 101 by Mae Ann Cortez

One of the perks of being one of the few beauty bloggers in Davao City is that you get invited to product launches and makeup workshops.

I have attended a total of 3 makeup workshops ever since I started Get Prettified! and  although the sessions took me away from my work area for hours on end, it was time well spent.  I learned a lot and had the opportunity to receive valuable tips and instruction from creative minds.

Mae Ann Cortez - one of Davao's most promising makeup artists.

The most recent basic makeup workshop I attended was organized by the Davao Bloggers for one of Davao’s most promising makeup artists, Ms. Mae Ann Cortez. Mae Ann has collaborated with the best fashion and wedding photographers in Davao City and was part of the creative team in various fashion and beauty campaigns in Davao City.

Mae Ann studied  to become a makeup artist and hair designer specializing in “Beauty, High Fashion, and Photographic Makeup Course” at the prestigious Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, California.  She was also gainfully employed as part of the makeup team in LA Rocks Fashion Week – Lauren Elaine F/W 2010 Black Label and the Supastar Clothing Fashion Week.

Mae Ann Cortez demonstrating the proper use of basic makeup tools.

During the makeup workshop, Ms. Mae Ann Cortez taught us the basics of makeup application including skin  preparation, makeup products, makeup tools and techniques essential to natural makeup application.  Her discussion also briefly covered the different types of foundations, concealers, and other makeup essentials suitable for different skin types to guide the participants in building their own makeup kit.

Makeup Demonstration by Mae Ann. And this blogger is all eyes and ears.

An integral part of the workshop was the demonstration on natural and polished daytime makeup application.  This is the part  that I loved best as I had the opportunity to observe how Mae Ann work wonders at accentuating the features of her model. She also gamely answered our questions throughout the demonstration.

The very happy Makeup 101 by Ms. Mae Anne Cortez workshop participants.

One important thing I learned from Mae Ann Cortez during the basic makeup workshop is that you don’t have to be a makeup professional nor do you have to invest in an arsenal of expensive makeup tools and makeup products to boost your confidence and self-esteem.  You just have to find the right (and affordable!) makeup tools and makeup items that will enhance your best features and bring out your natural beauty.

Aside from Beauty makeup, Mae Ann Cortez also does High Fashion Makeup, TV/Film Makeup, Avante Garde Makeup, Body Painting, and Hair Designing. She’s also one of the few makeup artists in  Davao City  who offer Airbrush Makeup services for weddings and other events.

One of Mae Ann Cortez' previous works. Photography by Ayie Hernandez.

For more on Ms. Mae Ann Cortez’ works and services, visit her profile page at Model Mayhem.

Many thanks to Ms. Leah Valle and Olan Emboscado for organizing the event.

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    1. Thanks, Tess!

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