Ways to Protect Yourself When Shopping Online

I shop online from time to time.  I frequent e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay and a handful of online stores.  And because I am well aware of the existence of online scammers, phishing sites, and fraudulent sites, I try to be extra careful when paying for goods and services online.

When online shopping, it always to be cautious in order to protect your identity and finances.  I admit I am not a pro when it comes to internet security but I have proven these simple ways to be helpful.

1.  When purchasing online, always look for a secure checkout.  I always use PayPal when making online purchases.  I have found PayPal to be more secure because  you don’t have to share your credit card information to merchants.  You can always request for a refund when a seller doesn’t deliver goods and services as agreed upon.

2.  Never respond to unsolicited emails, especially with links embedded in it.  Even if the emails come from your friends, you can never be too sure.  I know a could of people whose email accounts were hacked so be careful.

3.  Do some research on a store or seller before making any purchase.  I purchase from online sellers at Multiply and eBay  and  I only purchase from trusted sellers.  Even when using e-commerce sites like Amazon, be careful.  Amazon.com features products from third-party sellers that have nothing to do with Amazon.  So protect yourself from fraudulent transactions by choosing whom to transact with carefully.  Reading customer reviews will also help to some extent.

4.  Keep your receipts. I keep track of my finances by keeping my receipts.  Even if I purchase using PayPal, I review my transaction history so I’ll know if there are unauthorized charges to my account.  Even when you use your credit card when making online purchases, do not forget to keep the e-receipt  in one folder. This way, you’ll  have proof when disputing credit card charges is necessary.

5.  Change your passwords regularly.  I strongly suggest you change your passwords carefully so there’s a minimal risk of your accounts being compromised.  Also, use a combination of letters and numbers when choosing passwords.

I have posted an infographic on online shopping tips below.  Unfortunately, it’s in German. (tee-hee!).  But for those who are familiar with the language, enjoy!



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