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When it comes to skin care, I tend to spend more than what I’d normally spend on makeup.  And I love Korean skin care products, more so when they’re super affordable.  So it’s no secret that I often visit Etude House at Abreeza Mall because the store always carry something that catches my fancy.

A few weeks ago, I treated myself to number of Etude House skin care items:

  • Moistfull Massage Mask, P398
  • Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam, P148
  • Moistfull Collagen Mask Sheet, P98
  • Essence Mask Collagen, P58
  • Essence Mask Vitamin C, P58
  • I Need You, Green Tea Mask Sheet, P58
  • I Need You Aloe Mask Sheet, P58
  • Happy Tea Time Cleansing Cream (Lemon Tea), P198

The Moistfull Massage Mask is a great product.  You can use it as a rinse-off mask or leave it on.  I use it as a sleeping pack once or twice a week or whenever I need a break from my usual nighttime moisturizers.  It’s non-greasy and absorbs well so my skin looks fresh and well-hydrated whenever I put it on.  Also, the manufacturers really packed a lot of product in a tub of Moistfull Massage Mask so I guess I’ll be using this one for months.

The Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam and Cleansing Cream are two of my favorite products from this mini-haul.  As I’ve mention here, the cleansing foam is non-irritating and smells really nice.  The cleansing cream, too, is a great buy for me.  I can’t afford those expensive cleansing oils so I settled with this cheaper alternative and frankly, I’m happy with it.  It’s works well as a makeup remover, doesn’t break me  out,  and has this refreshing lemon scent, which is a major plus.


The mask sheets from Etude House really deliver.  However, I’m not very happy with the Moistfull Collagen Mask Sheet.  Not that it doesn’t hydrate well.  In fact, it’s dripping in essence.  I just wish that they’d lower the price. P98 is way more than I’m willing to pay for a facial essence mask.  I wouldn’t have purchased it if I knew it’s pricey.  I did not notice the price until I got home.

As for the other Etude House facial sheets, well I haven’t used ’em yet but I’m betting they’re just as good as the Moistfull mask sheet.  By the way, I’m digging the packaging of the Etude House I Need You mask sheets.  So cute!

The SAs at Etude House gave me a Bee Happy Cellphone Anti-radiation Sticker as a freebie. I have no idea if this works but the bee is just so endearing.    coochie-coochie-coo!

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