Going Back to School in Style

While the calendar  may still say summer in some countries, the fact remains that some parents from many parts of the globe will be sending their kids back to school sooner rather than later.

As schools in some countries prepare to start classes in mid-August, the buzz from a non-academic point is always what the latest fashion crazes will be. Let’s face it, you have to be cool to go to school.

So whether you are hitting the local mall or going online to a site like StylinOnline.com for all your back-to-school clothing needs, time is of the essence.

Even though some styles come and go, others always seem to be in fashion when it comes to the hallways, cafeterias and classrooms of America or any other part of the world.

So, what can parents, teachers and students for that matter expect when the school fashion doors swing open for the 2012-13 school year?

Among the early predictions from the fashion experts:

* Brightly colored pants, among which are denim, will be a big fashion trend for the year. Skinny jeans will have an impact on the school year, especially since they allow just about any figure type to flatten and smooth out any rough ends on their bottom half. Among some of the items to team up with these jeans are long cardigans, blazers, the ever-popular hoodies, and that standard button-down shirt. Last but not least, neon is going to attract attention, with a variety of colors replacing the standard blue for those that want a look or two coming their way;

* Don’t forget those prints for the new school year. This is another fashion trend that will hit the classrooms this coming school year. While designers push the limits with their prints, retailers end up raking in the savings, so it appears to be a win-win for students. Prints also prove versatile, as students can take them to the max and/or only add a few separates to turn up the heat with their wardrobe;

* Among the accessories to those outfits that will likely be sprouting up nationwide in schools are bangle bracelets and cuffs. Don’t be surprised to see many of the girls piling them on one after the other to spruce up their look as they head down the hall and into the classroom. The bottom line for both guys and gals is that items for the wrists and arms is in, so expect to see numerous fashion statements being made;

* Recycling the 1980s – While some styles permanently fade out of the American clothing psyche, others stay dormant for a decade or two, then reappear like they had really never left. It seems puffy shoulders and peplums on jackets and shirts, recycled styles from the 1980s, are some facets that will be seen with feminine flair this school year. For those not aware, a peplum is a piece of fabric connected to a top and flared at the waistline. The look makes a good match with a skirt, pair of skinny jeans or a girl’s most prized leggings;

* Don’t get in the way of those boots – If you have been in any mall, restaurant or classroom for that matter over the last year, you by now know that boots on the young ladies is all the craze. Among the boot trends to get a kick out of this school year are likely to be textures, colors and thigh-highs. Texture leather is high on the list of popularity with the young women, allowing them the look of large and clunky to sophisticated. Whatever the look you desire, throw on some boots and get those feet to walking;

* Don’t be surprised to see students sporting those beanie caps this fall, especially with the young ladies who can say they stole them from their guy friends. Flowered headbands will also make their presence known, as will sparkling hair pins. While some teachers nix the idea of wearing any type of hats in the classroom, others will let it slide, so get the lowdown on how cool or not your teacher is before you end up in detention;

* Not to be forgotten will be a number of various colors, patterns and looks, including chunky flower rings, neon sneakers, chunky platform shoes and just about anything else that gets the approval of mom and dad.

Then again, who said mom and dad never had fun when they dressed for school?

Photo credit: nytimes.com

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