A Dab Will Do: Is It Worth It to Pay More for Skin Care Products?

A Dab Will Do

It seems that people are becoming more attentive in caring for their health. Across our nation, gym memberships are up, personal trainers are on the rise, more people are buying health insurance policies, organic food sales are up and even sales in trends such as balance bracelets are launching higher. Despite these increases, people seem to be neglecting one important area of their health—skin care. Consumers aren’t objecting to paying more for organic carrots, yet they continue to buy cheap lotions from the local drug store. Your skin is not only a vital part of your health; it is also a big part of your overall appearance. Read on to learn why investing in a good quality skin care product is one of the best investments you can make, and why paying more for a product can be worth it.

Pick your potion 

Before your online shopping spree begins, you need to identify what your main skincare needs are. Do you suffer from acne, rosaceous, wrinkles, blotchy skin, oily skin, dry skin, etc? In order to get results, you need to focus on one product for one condition at a time. For example, if you have acne and wrinkles, don’t treat your face with multiple products. Choose the one that is the easiest to cure, treat it, and then move on to treating the next condition. In this case, you would treat the acne and then the wrinkles. By mixing the products, you may not get the best results.

Are expensive products better?

Usually, yes. However, in some cases they are not. This is why you need to pay attention to the ingredients. In an article published by Skinacea the author asks this very same question. The article says that more often than not, these more expensive products are indeed worth the investment. The author explains that a lot more money goes into making a good skin care product. Some of these financial investments include getting the product to be at the proper pH level, figuring out the right percentage of an active ingredient, and having good product stability as a whole. The cost for making these well-formulated products with cosmetically elegant finishes, the article explains, is primarily why some skin care products are so expensive. There are other reasons for the high prices, but these are NOT good enough reasons on their own for consumers to purchase them. For example, some products have the same active ingredients and percentages that drugstore brand items have, but charge more to cover their expensive packaging or higher marketing efforts. Even if a company packages their product in gold leaf infused Faberge and they advertise it on TV during the Super Bowl yet its ingredients and percentages are “low-end industry standard”, at the end of the day, its benefits will be no better or no worse that its cheaper counterpart packaged in simple cardboard.

Invest in yourself

Invest in your health. As long as your product has a proper pH level, a higher percentage of active ingredients, and proves good product stability, the slightly higher price tag is well worth the investment. Often, these products come in smaller bottles, or in bottles the same size as cheaper products. This leads many people to think they are paying more for less, or paying more for the same amount. However, this is not true. Often, these more expensive items require using less of the product. So if a bottle is half the size of your old brand, fear not because it could last you an entire year. Remember, when you are using the good stuff, a dab will do you.

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