Great Buys from Victoria Plaza Department Store

Can I just say I love Victoria Plaza Department Store? For those who have no idea where Victoria Plaza Department Store is, well, it’s in Davao City. The department store is inside Victorial Plaza Mall, the oldest mall in the city. And it is my go-to place for haircare, skincare, and beauty tools because they sell really nifty items at great prices.

During my most recent visit, I picked up a number of items:

1. Babo nail clipper, P49.75 – This one’s for my vanity kit. To be honest, I don’t really need a new clipper but who can resist this one?

2. Trikeel beauty scissors, P79.75 – This is my second pair from Trikeel. My first pair broke after a year of use. Not bad, methinks.

3. Hair turban, P39.75 – This one’s great for those DIY hair and facial treatments at home. Makes me look like I’m serious with my haircare and skincare regimen. ^-^

4. Trikeel atomizers 2’s, P39.75 – One great thing about Trikeel is that they’ve got all kinds of containers in cute designs.

5. Trikeel shower cap, P69.75 – Another kawaii item from item Trikeel. My old shower cap is falling apart at the seams so I was more than happy to replace it with this adorable baby.

6. Babo medicine box, P39.75 – I was looking for a cute box for my meds and the store ha a great selection. But I chose this one because it reminds me of Rilakumma. Maybe the pillbox will remind me to take a chill pill whenever I’m mad.

All in all, I’m very happy with my purchases. I’ll update this post if any of the items breaks sooner than expected but I have used them all and so far, quality seems good.

Until next time. And thanks for dropping by.


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