On Blushes and Bronzers

I cleaned my vanity tray earlier and also checked every single one of my makeup items for signs of spoilage or contamination. Fortunately, everything’s in tip-top shape so there was no need for me toss anything into the trashbin.



1.  NARS  bronzing stick (Palm Beach)

2.  NYX blush (sand)

3. Victoria’s Secret BeachSexy Luminous bronzer

4. The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX (orange)

While doing the dusting and the wiping, I was mentally counting how many items I have. And I’m proud to say that I’m down to…..26! The small figure is expected since I try to limit my purchases to what I really need hence the single tube of mascara, a compact, a tube of BB cream, the 3 tubes of lipstick…

What’s weird though is that I have 4 pcs. of blushes/bronzers. Yes, for somebody who can get by with a small makeup collection,  owning more than 2 blushers/bronzers is uncharacteristic. In my defense, the bronzers ( NARS Palm Beach and VS BeachSexy) were given to me.  So this means I bought the NYX blush (Sand) and the The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX orange blush.

I think I bought the NYX blush last year and I really like it since it gives me a natural peachy-gold flush. It’s just too bad that I’ll be tossing it out in a few months.

As for The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX blush, well, I  dropped by  The Face Shop (SM Lanang branch) because I wanted to buy a pink non-shimmery blush.  Sadly,  the ones I tried  didn’t  work for my skin tone so I ended up buying the cheapest  blusher (around P290) in the store.   It’s nothing to write home about but it does give that natural pop of color on my cheeks so I’m quite happy with it.  Also, I like the white packaging.  Simple and a tad girly at the same time.

And since I’ve been yapping about blushes, I really want to have this Holika Holika Hello Holika blush/highlighter compact. I’m not gonna lie, I want this one for the cute packaging. The fact that I’ve read a couple of really good reviews about it is just secondary.



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