Nature’s Gate Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner

Since the day I acknowledged that I have a problem with excessive  hairfall, I have been on the lookout for mild and if possible, sulfate-free and paraben-free hair care products.

To be honest, I still have a long way to go when it comes to testing organic products. In fact, I have only used a handful of products that fit the category. And while I truly loved some of them, I know there are better products out there.

So a few months back, I dropped by Healthy Options – Abreeza to check out their range of organic hair care products. I didn’t have much cash with me so I was willing to go home with the cheapest sulfate-free and paraben-free items I could find — Nature’s Gate Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner at PhP239/500 ml bottle.

I have been using Nature’s Gate’s Hemp shampoo and conditioner continuously for the past 2 months and while both products didn’t exactly make it to my must-repurchase list, I say both work well for my frizzy badly-damaged hair, as far as cleansing and conditioning is concerned. The creamy conditioner also works wonders at smoothening my tresses, in effect reducing tangles and breakage.

But the big question is: Did the products address my hairfall problem? No. But they didn’t aggravate the problem either.

One thing I don’t like about the Nature’s Gate Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner is the scent. It’s got this spicy herbal scent that reminds me of Old Spice. So if you’re from Davao and you sat next to someone who smelled like she bathed in Old Spice, that was probably me. LOL.

All in all, Nature’s Gate Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner are good buys. Not the best products out there but still worth checking out if you’re looking for hair care products with all-natural ingredients.

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  1. All I would like to say is yesterday i bought a bottle of Natures gate conditioner with teatree for my flaky scalp. I must say I was impressed with the results.

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