Four Do-It-Yourself Valentine’s Day Gifts


Having trouble thinking of what to get for your significant other for Valentine’s Day? Sure, a necklace or massage gift certificate works, but if that’s what you’re gifting every year than maybe it’s time for a change. Sometimes the best gift is something that you can create yourself, as it can have much more meaning than just something you picked up at the jewelry store. There are lots of creative gifts you can make for your significant other that they are sure to enjoy and cherish every day. You can find most of the materials to make these gifts for just a few dollars at your local craft store, so check to find the best place near you. Check out this list of do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day gifts that are sure to leave your loved one happy and satisfied.

Love Picture Frame

For an inexpensive gift that your sweetie will love, pick up a picture frame and get to work. Even the simplest of frames will do. Paint the frame red, and adorn it with any kind of decorations you want like hearts or stars. Go to your computer, find a beautifully written love quote (or think of your own, if you want), type it out in a nice script font and print it. Fit the quote inside the picture frame, and you’ve got a beautiful framed quote about love that your sweetie will swoon over.

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What’s Been Keeping Me Busy Lately

I haven’t been blogging much here at Get Prettified! since August.  Well, honestly, I haven’t been blogging much at my other blogs either.

So what if I’m not blogging, what’s been keeping busy lately?  Oh I can name a number of things, some of them even blogging-related and would make really good blogging topics.  But admittedly, I’m a self-confessed procrastinator so I never got around to collecting my thoughts and write about my activities these past few months.

Well, moving on… here are just some of the things I’ve been doing lately:

  • organise my room – In my book, organizing means parting with things (clothes, accessories, shoes) I haven’t worn for months.  I sold some and gave away most of them.  It is easy for me to let go of things since I wasn’t born a pack rat.  When it comes to makeup, I just sort what I have into categories  and decide whether I’d keep, discard, or just give them away.  Or if I think an item is a waste, I just toss it into the trash bin.

Lose Up to 30 Pounds in Six Months with Sensa

Obesity is a continuing epidemic that must be stopped. People who are overweight and obese know that they need to lose weight. Unfortunately, some of these same individuals set themselves up for failure because they follow diet plans that don’t work. Instead, people are continuing to experience success with the Sensa Weight-Loss System because it works by following common-sense methods for weight loss.

The latest in Sensa weight loss news shows people can lose up to 30 pounds in just six months with this program, which consists of fine crystals that you sprinkle onto food. This amount of weight loss is healthy, and it is likely to stay in the long-term along with healthy eating and a sensible exercise plan. Sensa is based on sensible methods that are proven to help people lose weight the real way.

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What’s the Deal with Deal Sites?

The internet has always served as a global market place for merchants and consumers to come together.  Full of specials and limited deals, full of convenience and hard-to-find items, the internet has opened up the world for shopping and we’ve come to love it. More people are shopping online than ever before and the numbers are growing every day. And why wouldn’t they? Shopping online is everything that shopping in real life wants to be – it’s addictive, effective, dynamic and convenient. People that patronize e-commerce websites feel safe and secure and they love the ability to condense what would usually take days of driving and browsing, into mere hours of clicking and perusing. Internet shopping is here to stay, but how will it grow?

Like everything in existence, for e-commerce to survive there must be growth and there must be competition.  As far as online rivalry is concerned, the big and small stores have this covered. With so many stores selling the exact same things there is a desperate desire to set themselves apart. They want to build stronger customer bases and retaining customers is more difficult than ever when everyone seems to be a copy of everyone else. This leaves the consumer caught in the cross hairs – struggling to save, struggling to be loyal but just wanting value for money, high service and the sense that their business means something to the merchants.

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Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2010

A couple of days ago, the winners of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2010 was announced and I was so surprised when I found out that this blog, Get Prettified!, got the last spot.

Was I happy? Of course! It’s my first time to join Ms. Janette Toral’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 writing project and to get one of the much-coveted 10 spots is a big feat for any blogger in the Philippine blogosphere.

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