Wise Buys: Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer + Avon SuperExtend Mascara

2013 is yet another year of wise buys for me.  I think it was last year when I decided  to limit my makeup purchases to what I really need  (or was it in 2011?).  I’m not a makeup junkie anyway so not having a big makeup collection doesn’t really bother me at all. Nor do I envy those who have an cosmetic armoire filled with rows and rows of expensive products.

But there’s always a right time for a girl to add a few items to her makeup stash.

Early this year, I discarded my Maybelline mascara because I’ve been using it for more than 3 months.  It was my one and only mascara so I was  lucky when an Avon dealer offered to sell me the Avon SuperExtend Mascara (black)  for only P200.  And I’m glad I bought it as it’s great at lengthening my eyelashes.  Think Lancome Definicils kind of lengthening.   However, this mascara isn’t perfect because it is not the quick-dry type and has the tendency to clump if you apply too many coats.

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A Dab Will Do: Is It Worth It to Pay More for Skin Care Products?

A Dab Will Do

It seems that people are becoming more attentive in caring for their health. Across our nation, gym memberships are up, personal trainers are on the rise, more people are buying health insurance policies, organic food sales are up and even sales in trends such as balance bracelets are launching higher. Despite these increases, people seem to be neglecting one important area of their health—skin care. Consumers aren’t objecting to paying more for organic carrots, yet they continue to buy cheap lotions from the local drug store. Your skin is not only a vital part of your health; it is also a big part of your overall appearance. Read on to learn why investing in a good quality skin care product is one of the best investments you can make, and why paying more for a product can be worth it.

Pick your potion 

Before your online shopping spree begins, you need to identify what your main skincare needs are. Do you suffer from acne, rosaceous, wrinkles, blotchy skin, oily skin, dry skin, etc? In order to get results, you need to focus on one product for one condition at a time. For example, if you have acne and wrinkles, don’t treat your face with multiple products. Choose the one that is the easiest to cure, treat it, and then move on to treating the next condition. In this case, you would treat the acne and then the wrinkles. By mixing the products, you may not get the best results.

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DIY Wallet Makeover

I was so bored a few weeks ago that I decided to give my plain black wallet a makeover.  There’s nothing wrong with the wallet except that it gets “lost’ easily when I’m using bags with dark-colored linings.  So I decided to give it a pop of color to fix the problem.

I wanted to do some stitching and  frills and stuff but I’m not really creative so what I did was decorate my wallet with stickers from my stationery collection.  Using stickers is probably the best way to prettify something fast.   I even used stickers to decorate my dreary bedrooms walls.

Now, back to my wallet.  My goal was to personalize my  utilitarian wallet so I used colorful  animal stickers. Also,  I decided to use foam stickers for an added effect.

Here’s the finished product:

decorating wallet with stickers

I don’t know if they were just humouring me but a few people actually asked me where I bought my wallet. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what others think as long as I’m happy with my little project.

What’s Been Keeping Me Busy Lately

I haven’t been blogging much here at Get Prettified! since August.  Well, honestly, I haven’t been blogging much at my other blogs either.

So what if I’m not blogging, what’s been keeping busy lately?  Oh I can name a number of things, some of them even blogging-related and would make really good blogging topics.  But admittedly, I’m a self-confessed procrastinator so I never got around to collecting my thoughts and write about my activities these past few months.

Well, moving on… here are just some of the things I’ve been doing lately:

  • organise my room – In my book, organizing means parting with things (clothes, accessories, shoes) I haven’t worn for months.  I sold some and gave away most of them.  It is easy for me to let go of things since I wasn’t born a pack rat.  When it comes to makeup, I just sort what I have into categories  and decide whether I’d keep, discard, or just give them away.  Or if I think an item is a waste, I just toss it into the trash bin.

White Gemstones Compared

I always have a thing for white gemstones.  I think they’re classy, timeless, and of course, they suit my colouring more.Plus, I love the fact that white gemstones easily matches my clothes.

The more popular white gemstones are: diamond, white sapphire, white topaz, moissanite, and cubic zirconia.  These gems differ from one another in terms of brilliance, value, hardness, origin, dispersion, chemical composition, na dhow it was manufactured.

So you think you need to update your jewellery collection and yet can’t afford a diamond? Check out the inforgraphic below and find out which white gemstone is the best for you!

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