Running Essentials w/ Michelle Estuar

Hey, guys!  Just a heads up that Skechers Philippines will be holding a Running Essentials running clinic at the Abreeza Mall on August 24.  Instruction will be given by ultra marathoner and running coach Michelle Estuar.  Aside from being an accomplished marathoner, Michelle Estuar also writes for Front Runner magazine.


DATE: August 24, 2012 (FRIDAY)

TIME: 6:00-8:30 PM

VENUE: Activity Center of Abreeza Mall, Davao

REGISTRATION: Sign up for FREE by sending your FULL NAME, AGE, and EMAIL ADDRESS to 0905-3905883

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Lose Up to 30 Pounds in Six Months with Sensa

Obesity is a continuing epidemic that must be stopped. People who are overweight and obese know that they need to lose weight. Unfortunately, some of these same individuals set themselves up for failure because they follow diet plans that don’t work. Instead, people are continuing to experience success with the Sensa Weight-Loss System because it works by following common-sense methods for weight loss.

The latest in Sensa weight loss news shows people can lose up to 30 pounds in just six months with this program, which consists of fine crystals that you sprinkle onto food. This amount of weight loss is healthy, and it is likely to stay in the long-term along with healthy eating and a sensible exercise plan. Sensa is based on sensible methods that are proven to help people lose weight the real way.

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Caring for Scars

It is a  known fact that scarring is part of the body’s healing process. While we may not like the look of our scars, some being too light, others being too dark, scars are actually a very important function of the body’s way of healing itself after injury. A scar will occur when the skin has become bruised or broken and the body has finished healing itself – the scar acts as a guard, preventing the wound from reopening and giving the now more susceptible area of skin or flesh and opportunity to regain its resilience. Scars heal in many different ways, for many different people. Several factors go into how a scar develops – where is the cut located? How deep or superficial is the cut? What caused the cut? Has there been an infection? Is the body resistant to certain medications? Has the scab been picked at? Does the person have keloids?

The thickness and color of a scar both have to factor in these variables. Other considerations, such as diet, lifestyle and genetics also play a role in the superficial appearance of your scars. On the skin on your body that is most visible, for example, arms, faces, legs, back and chest, dark or aggressive scarring can affect your self esteem. While they cuts and bruises may be healed, the scars that remain are often embarrassing or draw unwanted attention. Other contributing factors to the not so likeable appearance of scars are your exposure to sunlight, friction at the scar location and poor circulation.

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Going Back to School in Style

While the calendar  may still say summer in some countries, the fact remains that some parents from many parts of the globe will be sending their kids back to school sooner rather than later.

As schools in some countries prepare to start classes in mid-August, the buzz from a non-academic point is always what the latest fashion crazes will be. Let’s face it, you have to be cool to go to school.

So whether you are hitting the local mall or going online to a site like for all your back-to-school clothing needs, time is of the essence.

Even though some styles come and go, others always seem to be in fashion when it comes to the hallways, cafeterias and classrooms of America or any other part of the world.

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Shopping for Affordable Rings

By now, just about everyone has had their say on the U.S. economy.

For many people, their daily lives have turned into a game of survival, living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet. That being said, it does not mean that consumers cannot enjoy some of the natural things in life.

For women, that oftentimes includes wearing nice jewelry. But what’s a woman to do if she or her significant other has trouble affording an expensive and attractive ring, be it for an engagement, wedding, or just for the heck of it?

If you find yourself or someone you know in that situation, there are affordable alternatives to be had, be they in a jewelry shop or shopping online.

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