Makeup 101 by Mae Ann Cortez

One of the perks of being one of the few beauty bloggers in Davao City is that you get invited to product launches and makeup workshops.

I have attended a total of 3 makeup workshops ever since I started Get Prettified! and  although the sessions took me away from my work area for hours on end, it was time well spent.  I learned a lot and had the opportunity to receive valuable tips and instruction from creative minds.

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The Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up Makeover

Jane Iredale Miner Make-up Workshop
Davao Female Bloggers with Ms. Chiqui Aportadera

I and some of my female blogger friends joined  the FACES Basic Make-up Workshop at  True Scents & Minerals two weeks ago.

I didn’t have a lot of expectations because I don’t have much experience with mineral make-up, except the very few times I tried my friends’  mineral powder and blush.  But I have heard of a couple of good reviews about Jane Iredale so I was curious.

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Basic Make-up Workshop at FiDA

I have always wanted to learn the basics of make-up application. I read beauty blogs and watch video tutorials on how to apply make-up and, more often than not, I sigh in frustration.  Because although the girls on YouTube make everything seem effortless, I can’t seem to do things right on my own.

I then decided that the most logical thing to do is sign up for a basic make-up workshop.

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