DIY Wallet Makeover

I was so bored a few weeks ago that I decided to give my plain black wallet a makeover.  There’s nothing wrong with the wallet except that it gets “lost’ easily when I’m using bags with dark-colored linings.  So I decided to give it a pop of color to fix the problem.

I wanted to do some stitching and  frills and stuff but I’m not really creative so what I did was decorate my wallet with stickers from my stationery collection.  Using stickers is probably the best way to prettify something fast.   I even used stickers to decorate my dreary bedrooms walls.

Now, back to my wallet.  My goal was to personalize my  utilitarian wallet so I used colorful  animal stickers. Also,  I decided to use foam stickers for an added effect.

Here’s the finished product:

decorating wallet with stickers

I don’t know if they were just humouring me but a few people actually asked me where I bought my wallet. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what others think as long as I’m happy with my little project.